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COOLIDGE — Two Coolidge residents have been charged with numerous child abuse allegations.

According to Pinal County court records, Brittany Denise Rice, 32, and Decory Damon Rice, 29, are being charged with child abuse.

According to court records the Rices abused two children at a Coolidge home on Baldwin Loop.

A school employee contacted police about a student who allegedly was being abused at home.

The student told the employee she got in trouble for texting on her school tablet for items that were not school related, saying she was hit with a sandal that left marks on her hand and neck.

The student, police say, had a split lip that occurred when she was kicked in the face while she was trying to block the blows by going down to her knees.

The student told the employee she did not feel safe at home.

According to a Coolidge police report, the student told the employee about a 2-year-old who was staying at the home.

The student said the toddler would be locked in the bathroom during the day because the parents were working. She said when he accidentally urinated on the floor he was beaten. The only time he was allowed out of the bathroom, she said, was to eat before having to return to the bathroom.

Brittney Rice is charged with seven counts of child vulnerability, adult abuse and seven instances of aggravated assault on a child 15 or younger. Decory Rice faces five charges of child vulnerability, adult abuse.

They are accused of causing injuries to a child’s right ear, left eye, to the abdomen, to the back, legs, neck and mouth.

For the aggravated assault charge, Brittney Rice is accused of causing the same injuries to a second child who was 15 or younger.

When police conducted a welfare check on the six children who lived at the residence, the officer observed from a door left ajar, Decory Rice went into the kitchen, with a bathroom located nearby, and came out with a young child, telling him to go upstairs.

Of the six children living at the residence, all appeared to be in good health with no abuse except for the before-mentioned student and the 2-year old.

All six were removed from the residence by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

Coolidge Police Sgt. James Masterson said the two parents refused to come to the police station to discuss the allegations.

After Masterson spoke to the prosecutor handling the case Thursday morning, he said the two were never arrested or booked into the Pinal County jail but have been charged.


Michael Maresh is a reporter for PinalCentral covering Coolidge news, education and sports.

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