CASA GRANDE — Peter Piper Pizza of Casa Grande recently dropped off samples of its two new, limited-time pizzas at the PinalCentral newsroom for staffers to try.

The verdict from those who tried the pies was that the pizzas were “quite tasty” and worth a try.

The sauce-to-cheese-to-dough-to-topping ratios were just right and the new limited-time menu offerings — fiery meatball pizza and MBP meat lover’s pizza — were a nice addition to the chain’s lineup, those who tried the pies said.

Fiery meatball pizza and the MBP meat lover’s pizza are available through May 15.

The fiery meatball pizza includes house-made beef meatballs, jalapenos, crushed pepper and Buffalo sauce as the topping for an Alfredo, mozzarella and provolone cheese base.

The meat lover’s pizza includes sliced meatballs, diced bacon and pepperoni over fresh mozzarella.

The new pizzas are the latest in upgrades to the restaurant chain that aims to start a “new era of innovation to the Peter Piper Pizza menu,” according to the press release.

“We’ve been introducing a lot of new initiatives, from our digital arcade fun pass to our new Peter Piper Express concept, and these new menu items offer even more reasons to come check out everything that’s going on at Peter Piper Pizza,” said Genaro Perez, vice president of marketing.

On Tuesday, Peter Piper Pizza will recognize Teacher Appreciation Week with special offerings to teachers, staff and administration, a press release from the restaurant said.

For Mother’s Day, the chain will sell heart-shaped pizzas on Saturday and Sunday.

Peter Piper Pizza was founded in Phoenix in 1973. The restaurant in Casa Grande opened in 1982 and is the only Peter Piper Pizza in Pinal County.

Some technology updates at Peter Piper include an enhanced website recently launched that allows for seamless online ordering and payment for pickup or delivery. Guests can also book a Peter Piper Pizza a birthday party or other special event using the app.

A complete menu is on the Peter Piper Pizza website,


Melissa St. Aude is the Arts & Entertainment editor at PinalCentral. She can be reached at

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